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Google search, display, video, mobile, and products offer businesses the most targeted and agile form of advertising available. It lowers custom acquisition costs and generates an increase in ideal consumers visiting your website.

Google offers a slew of advertising options that present businesses with an affordable way to generate web traffic, leads, and sales from their digital marketing efforts. These options are divided between search (Text only), display (Image), video (YouTube), mobile, and products (Google Shopping). Businesses have complete control to change their ad’s keywords, device focus (e.g. Mobile or Desktop viewers), budget, and geographic area on the fly as they have 24/7 access to view the performance of their ads. View the complete comparison breakdown of the different Google Advertising options.

Digital marketing agencies, like Driven Digital, provide businesses with complete management options for their Google Advertising Campaigns that are geared to optimize their ads continuously for click-through rates. Companies have the ability to present their objectives to their digital marketing agency and then the agency’s team does the rest. Whether that is to generate web traffic for specific pages, increase online sales conversion rates for specific products, or increase the number of individuals who fill out a quote form online. As a business’s objectives change the ads can change to align with the objectives. Hence, offering the most targeted and most flexible advertising platform around.

Ads are typically paid for by a pay-per-click system where the payment made per click is determined by the search volume for those specific keywords in a specific geographic area. All ads are placed somewhere within the rotation of ads for those specific keywords. Businesses are continuously bidding each time that their ad can be shown for a search result. The more successful, the more times it gets clicked, the more likely Google will select it to appear higher within the rotation. This is known as the “quality score” of your ads and can affect the cost you’re paying for the ads per click. That is why having experts continuously testing different content within your ad, a/b testing, and optimizing the keywords that are being targeted for the ad is so critical.

So what does a pay-per-click ad cost for standard search advertising on Google (Text Only)? Based on some Googling, yes pun intended, the average cost-per-click was $1.74. While desktop clicks (Desktop computers and laptops) were on average higher than mobile targeted ads (Mobile phones and tablets), but the cost of mobile targeted ads are on the rise with the rise of mobile searches. Again, the cost depends on the search volume per the keywords and the geographic area targeted. Driven Digital can provide insight into what the cost-per-click will be around per your business’s targeted keywords. However, you must know that your business can tell Google how much they’re willing to pay-per-click and what their monthly budget is. Both can change as the company or its digital marketing agency analyzes the success of the ads.

Below is a fun infographic breaking down the top 20 most expensive keywords on Google. Don’t fret, the cost-per-click per for targeting your ideal customers should be less than the costs below, but it depends on the search volume of the terms and the number of other businesses bidding on those terms. Google has to make its billions somewhere so it can continue to make amazing innovations out of their semi-secret innovation lab, Google X. Like their famed Google Glass invention.

If you’re interested in launching Google Ads for your business contact Driven Digital and our team will create and optimize your ads to achieve your specific goals.

Top 20 Most Expensive Google Advertising Keywords

Image courtesy of WordStream.

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