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This guest blog post was written by Driven Digital. The blog post serves to provide an overview of their presentation on digital marketing for growing businesses that was originally presented at the 2014 Oklahoma CareerTech Business and Industry Services (BIS) Director’s Meeting. To simply download their presentation, click here.

Marketing Truth:Your Business Can Grow Sales Through Digital Marketing

Expect to Learn About:

  • How to grow sales in today’s digital world
  • How decision makers love reading content online
  • Why websites are so important for growing businesses
  • How Google should be viewed as your new lead salesman
  • Plus, a free download featuring more technical insight on marketing online

Modernize the Way You Talk to Your Customers


You’re an owner or decision maker at a growing business in Oklahoma. You’re trying to devise a plan that will take the company and its products somewhere that it hasn’t been before. It’s your time to shine, but how do you grow?

That’s a complex question. The simple answer is to modernize the way you communicate with your current customers and potential customers. The modern generation of decision makers love opportunities to get the information they want without having to ask for it. They like companies that allow them to serve themselves with vital information through self-service marketing digital marketing platforms (e.g. Facebook, Live Chat, Websites, Blogs, etc.).

Google Generates Sales for Your Company

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Where do the key decision makers in your re seller networks go to find information about products or services they are interested in. If your answer isn’t Google, it should be.

Google is where all customer relationships begin and end. Google is the inventor and gatekeeper of self-service marketing efforts.

Google is where smaller companies beat complacent bigger companies on a daily basis.

A decision maker is going to make a purchasing decision based on a company’s presence on Google. Are you there when they’re ready to click on a search result? Just like with any plan, it is important to establish a solid foundation before any additional tactics are implemented. That foundation starts and ends with a company website.

A Company Website is the Key to Your Online Marketing

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 12.53.59 PMA company website should be at the center of your advertising strategy. Imagine a wagon wheel. Your company’s website is in the middle of the wheel, and the rest of the spokes are other forms of advertising that are always pointing potential customers back to your website. It’s your controlled medium. You control the function and ultimately, the success of your website.

A website for today’s decision makers is not an exact copy of your company’s sales brochure. It’s engaging, informative and ever changing. The website’s content should be easily editable by you or someone on your staff. Decision makers expect to be viewing the latest information on your products, and so does Google. Yes, you must please Google to earn sales through your website.

Your website should appeal to its most profitable customers and should provide sales assistance and value to your re sellers.


Potential Customers Are Googling Your Contact Information-Make Sure It’s Right


Potential customers are constantly searching online for a business like yours. Nearly 1/3 of all Google searches produce results that contain a business’ local listing.

What is a local listing? A local listing is like a modern day Yellow Pages listing. It contains your company’s most vital contact information or your NAP ( Name, address, phone). If your NAP is incorrect, then not only will your company lose potential sales, but your company’s web presence will suffer. Google wants to see that your NAP remains consistent between your website and local listings.

Verifying a company’s local listings is important for every company, because it is a means to verify to Google and other search engines (e.g. Bing, Yahoo, etc.) that the company is legitimate. Yes, Google and other search engines want to show search results of authentic, verifiable companies.

If a majority of my sales are local, why does it matter? Let’s take a look at Google. A business’ verified local listing with Google involves three main services-Google+, Google Local & Google Maps. These three items provide local customers with contact information, business hours, directions and a place to review a business.

Let’s examine these three items even further-click on the link to learn more.

  • Google+ is a social profile through Google that allows customers to post reviews about a business as well as other things that are similar to a Facebook business page or LinkedIn company page.
  • Google Local is the actual local listing for a business that appears in Google search results. This local listing will contain a Name-Address-Phone (NAP), a company’s reviews and company hours.
  • Google Maps provides potential customers with turn-by-turn directions to a local business. This allows for more walk-ins and less call-ins.



Let’s Review

Here are a few things you should remember:

  • Today’s decision makers want to learn as much about your company and your products as they can without having to call you.
  • Most potential leads either begin or end after a Google search–If your business isn’t on the first page of Google results, then it has the potential to lose sales.
  • Online advertising begins with having a results-oriented company website. It’s not just about looking good–you want sales.
  • Your company can earn a competitive advantage over its top competitors by engaging with your targeted customers online.
  • Local searches are the majority of Google searches–Nearly 1/3 of every Google search is a local based search. It’s essential that your company has the right contact information–Name, Address & Phone–listed with Google and other local directories.


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