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Congratulations K&B Machining, Inc.

Your new website looks good on you.

We would like to congratulate our friends at K&B Machining, Inc. upon the launch of their new website.  K&B Machining, Inc. in Claremore, OK specializes in the production of parts as well as coating, grinding, heat treating and plating.  They are ISO certified, recipients of the 2008 Claremore Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur Award and the recipient of the 2008 RCB Bank Fastest Growing Company Award.

A Website That Reflects Quality

K&B Machining, Inc. takes quality control seriously.  Their website does too.

K&B Machining, Inc.'s New Website

K&B Machining, Inc. in Claremore, OK specializes in the production of parts as well as coating, grinding, heat treating and plating.

K&B Machining, Inc.’s adopted mantra is, “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.”  Therefore it is no surprise that whether a customer orders one part or one hundred, the same high level of quality control is applied to each to make sure every customer receives a product that is consistent, superior, and guaranteed.

A website That Offers Convenience

K&B’s Customer Portal and ERP System allows customers to review inventory and order parts

Through K&B’s unique customer portal and Enterprise Resource Planning System, customers have the ability to review K&B Machining Inc.’s inventory as well as check the status of their projects.  This technology saves customers time, prevents confusion and discrepancies.

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to partner with K&B Machining, Inc. as we worked to create a website that represented the quality and customer focus that drives them every day.  We have learned so much from their story and in getting to know their wonderful staff and business.   “Thank-you K&B Machining, Inc. for trusting us with your impressive company.  We look forward to working with you on future projects!”

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