Code qr! | An Effective Way to Market Your Manufacturing Business

Code qr! | An International Marketing Phenomenon

A qr Code Can Be Spotted on Products and Publications Everywhere

You pick up a ketchup bottle and catch a glimpse of a qr code on the back of the label. You receive a piece of mail with yet another code strategically placed next to your name and address. Even your prescriptions are code carriers!

Did you know that businesses worldwide have identified the use of qr codes as a valuable marketing technique? It’s true! According to the article, “How to Use QR Codes to Market Your Business.” These small, quick response codes are being utilized to not only engage a company’s target customer but share a story of the company that would not otherwise fit within the parameters of a traditional ad.

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Businesses worldwide have identified the use of qr codes as a valuable marketing technique. Today, manufacturers use qr codes to reach their target customer by advertising in a way that is economical, practical and engaging.

Tim Donnelly says that with just a quick scan, consumers have the ability to be instantly connected to a company website’s contact page, price quotes, special offers and much more. This instant connection gives qr codes a sense of fun that leads many people to make a game of hunting and scanning them.

Code qr! | Why qr Code Placement Has the Potential to Save You Time and Money

A simple qr code is low cost and low impact but generates high interest

Donnelly explains that more and more modern companies have begun using quick response codes on their products and literature because these codes:

  • Are economical and cost little to nothing to create
  • Save space
  • Generate awareness
  • Have the ability to record leads
  • Can be placed on almost anything
  • Can be scanned with any smartphone using a qr code reader

If you are a manufacturer who is in the market for a fresh, new, effective way to advertise, consider using a qr code to share your business’ story with the world.

Join us next week when we will discuss how to create a qr code that will engage customers and potential leads as well as save you money and advertising space.

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