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New name, new facility, new website

We would like to congratulate all of our friends at AST Storage upon the launch of their new website,  AST Storage in Jay, OK specializes in the design and manufacturing of bolted liquid and dry storage tanks. Formerly All-State Tanks, AST Storage is backed by over thirty-five years of tank construction ownership and experience.

In addition to a new website, AST will soon boast a new manufacturing facility that will allow them to better meet the needs of their customers in Oklahoma and around the world. Yet, their dedication to providing the best customer service in the storage tank industry will go unchanged.

Innovative Website, Innovative Spirit

A Website that reflects invention and good design

Under their former name, AST was the first storage tank manufacturer to provide flat panel construction and powder-on-powder epoxy coated tanks. They were also the first to employ 1/2″ steel plate in AWWA designs and to produce self-supporting steel decks up to 60′ in diameter.

AST developed designs for hoppers for dry storage in straight seam tanks and came up with a way to provide truck drive-thru and large openings in skirted tanks. This would allow the use of building jacks instead of scaffolding.

AST was also the first to employ state of the art technology to provide a new level of flexibility in design selection.

They are not ones to be limited by the convenience of mass production but instead continue to base their designs on efficiency and the needs of customers while staying true to structural integrity, loading capacities, and seismic standards.

AST Takes Customer Service Seriously, Their website Does Too

Great information and Simple navigation

AST Storage believes in doing everything with excellence. That is why they present to you a website that is not only modern and aesthetically pleasing but one that is easy to navigate and filled with excellent information about their company and tanks.

AST customers have come to expect superior customer service, and superior customer service is something AST delivers time and time again.

Their adopted mantra is, “AST Storage is not going to strive to be the biggest, we are going to strive to be the best!.”  Therefore it is no surprise that whether a customer orders one tank or one hundred, the same high level of quality control is applied to each to make sure every customer receives a product that is consistent, superior, and guaranteed.



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