Ideal Posts for Different Social Media Sites


Social media is such a powerful tool for every industry, even for the manufacturers and industry service providers. To utilize its full capabilities, familiarize yourself with all the general guidelines and tips on social media management.

Your audience behaves differently across various social media sites. Each platform has its own unique set of audience and is used with different intent. The most ideal posts for different social media sites are those that tailor to the demand and expectations of your audience on a certain platform.

We’ve compiled a list of post suggestions for four of the biggest social media sites for manufacturers and industry service providers – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.


What to Post on Facebook?

Facebook users are among the more engaging internet users. If you want to connect and/or reconnect with your customers, Facebook is the right platform for you. Here are some post ideas to generate more engagement on Facebook.

  • Videos

Videos took over images as the kind of post that gather the most engagement. It is also said that the Facebook algorithm now favors video posts.

You can show a video of your shop, or behind the scenes of what your production looks like. Keep your video short – between 60 and 90 seconds.

  • Images

Images like behind the scenes photos, images of your products or services, infographics, gifs, and company photos can still give you your desired social media engagement.

You can take your own photos or curate using free tools like Canva or and stock photos sites like Unsplash and Pexels. Organic or real-life photos still get the most engagement.

  • Educational & Informational content

Shared links also get authentic engagement on Facebook. Users want something helpful and informational, so you can try sharing blog posts, announcements, facts and stats, tips and advice, and other curated content on your Facebook page.

What to Post on Twitter?

This famous microblogging platform is known for its limited character count. It’s a challenge for many marketers to utilize Twitter with its 280 character limit (spaces included). Here are some post ideas that work well on Twitter.

  • News

According to the American Press Institute, the majority of the people uses Twitter to keep up with the news. With this information, utilize Twitter to share news relevant to your followers and target audience – company news, updates on products or services, and/or industry news.

  • Blog posts

Twitter is also a great platform to share your blog posts. Rather than simply sharing a link, give your tweet a spin by providing a short snippet or an engaging call to action (CTA). Use hashtags to further reach your target audience too.

  • Images, Videos, and GIFs

Twitter users also like to browse through their feeds, so eye-catching media like videos, images, and gifs are effective. According to Twitter, People are three times more likely to engage with tweets that have photos and videos.

Statistics show that there is a 34% chance to get retweeted if your tweets have images or gifs.

  • Curated content

Retweeting and replying to relevant content can also help boost your Twitter presence. Use the “Add a comment” feature whenever you retweet content to coax more engagement. This can also help build connections within your industry.

What to Post on LinkedIn?

With 500 million users, LinkedIn is the most trusted social network among other social media giants. It is the social media channel for professionals and businesses. LinkedIn is a great platform for manufacturers and industry service providers. Here are some post ideas.

  • Professional content

You can publish original long-form content (like a blog post) on LinkedIn. Publishing such posts gives your company great exposure towards your target audience. Your original content can help establish and improve your authority, expertise, and professionalism in your industry.

Try your hand at writing content relevant to your clients and prospects. Let’s say you’re an HVAC machinery supplies shop. Instead of writing about your product and machining process all the time, write something about the HVAC industry itself.

  • Industry and Business Insights

60% of LinkedIn users are interested in industry insights. Keep an eye on the latest industry trends and news and share your opinions on them through your LinkedIn posts. This helps establish a voice for your company and brand.

Your clients and followers might also want to be updated on the latest news about your business, services, and/or products. Let your audience know whenever there’s something new, big, and relevant event in your company.

What to Post on Google+?

Unlike Facebook, Google+ is more of an interest-based network. Google+ is a great site for businesses, especially for those who want to drive more traffic to their websites. Blog post and other original content are the most ideal posts for Google+

  • Blog posts

Probably the best feature of Google+ is that it is amazing for SEO. It is said that content posted on Google+ gets immediately indexed by search engines, Content posted on Google+ also have more chances to rank higher in search results. Sharing your blog posts on Google+ right after publishing is a great move.

  • Original Content

Other original content includes images and videos. Since the site is an interest-based network, it’s only natural that your posts should cater to the interests of your target audience.

Use headlines for the title tag of your Google+ posts. The headline you used will be displayed in the results pages when users search for your topic.


In our previous blog post, we discussed the ideal times to post on different social media platforms. Check that out for additional knowledge you can use to your advantage.

Sharing the best type of post on social media sites at the most optimal time makes up a great social media marketing and management strategy. Contact Driven Digital now for more social media management tips. In need of a social media manager for your manufacturing company? We can help with that too! Schedule a free analysis now!

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