5 Things Every Manufacturing & Service Provider Website Needs


Every day, people are searching the web for businesses like yours, and first impressions matter!

If you’re cringing at your desk, you may have a website that has fallen by the wayside or is taking a snooze.

Keeping website content fresh and exciting can be a chore when you’re trying to run a business. We get it!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 things every manufacturing and service providing website needs. These quick fixes that you can do in a day will wake your website up and keep visitors from running.

1) Capabilities Information

Visitors to your site need to know your company has what they’re looking for. Including detailed information about each of your services saves them time and lets visitors know you can meet their needs.

2) Machine List

Don’t forget to include a list of your company’s machines in your website content, and be specific!

Though it may not look like much to some, visitors with any understanding of machinery will appreciate being able to see the kind of work your company is capable of.

Have a lot? Organize your list by services for easy navigation.

3) Certifications

Any certifications your company has should be placed in a prominent location on your website. This is a great way to let visitors know right away that yours is a capable, professional team that has met all the right industry criteria.

It also lets the visitors who prefer doing business with certified manufacturing and service providing companies know that you are.

4) Video

Customers are often made after a shop tour. But what if you could take every one of your website visitors on a tour of your shop as well?

Technology has made it possible to engage site users using a compilation of video footage. Record employees working, machines moving or just stick to a virtual tour.

The more of your business visitors are able to see, the more they will feel invested in your company’s culture and mission.

 5) Sample Projects

Are there projects your company is proud of? Does it manufacture a specific kind of part or put the parts together?
Whatever your business makes or services, having images on your website is a must! Why?

We live in a very visual age where people are more willing to look through images then read about past projects. So show website visitors what you’ve done and what you can do for them!

Small Investment, Big Time Results

Keeping website content fresh and exciting can be a chore, but if your website doesn’t have these 5 things, it needs to! Invest a little time today to capture footage, make lists, and tweak your home page. The edits are quick, but the effects will be long-lasting.

Have questions about what else you can do to jumpstart your company’s web presence or win at digital marketing? Contact us today!

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