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What are Citations and Why You Need Them

If you’re just starting on offsite search engine optimization, citation is probably one of the words you hear all the time from prospect digital marketers or SEO specialists. Citation is one of the most important aspects of offsite SEO and most of the time, the very first step SEO specialists take. Read on to find […]

Website Images: Original Photos or Stock Photos

Orignial Photos or Stock Photos Have you ever stumbled on a website without any images? I bet not unless you visited a website that has not been updated for the past 20 years or so. Images play an integral part in introducing a business, product or service on the web. Partnered with the right content, […]

Page Title Optimization: 4 SEO Techniques

We now explore one important element of your website – the page title. Page title optimization is often overlooked, but it’s an essential part of any great SEO strategy. Page titles or title tags are clickable headlines displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs). It is also usually the headline that appears when you share […]

Onsite vs Offsite Optimization – SEO Techniques and Differences

SEO or search engine optimization is such an important aspect of any digital marketing efforts. We’ve already established how SEO is like a marathon, a long process with a totally worth it benefits. Now, we are moving on to the two major types of SEO – onsite and offsite optimization. Onsite vs offsite optimization – […]

4 Reasons Why SEO is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Here at Driven Digital, we’ve always emphasized the importance of SEO (search engine optimization) to your manufacturing website. Achieving success in SEO is like winning in an Olympic event. You compete for the top spot to receive the highest price – increased conversions and sales. If compared to an Olympic event, SEO is a marathon, […]

Mobile-Friendly Website: 4 Reasons You Need One Now

Businesses need a great website to attract more customers in this age of digital marketing. With a great website, you’re one step closer to more clients, projects, referrals and ultimately higher revenue. As technology and customer behavior evolve, having a website might not be enough. More and more are now turning to mobile when browsing […]

Ideal Posts for Different Social Media Sites

  Social media is such a powerful tool for every industry, even for the manufacturers and industry service providers. To utilize its full capabilities, familiarize yourself with all the general guidelines and tips on social media management. Your audience behaves differently across various social media sites. Each platform has its own unique set of audience […]

Social Media for Manufacturers: Ideal Times to Post

Social media is changing the manufacturing industry in so many ways. You need to familiarize yourself with the ideal times to post if you want to utilize social media at its full capacity and get the most engagement on your posts. There is no guaranteed perfect time to post on social media, but several statistics […]

6 Ways to Deal with Negative Social Media Comments

Social media is changing the manufacturing industry in many positive ways. But it can also be a place of doom. Things can go wrong and people who feel mistreated tend to go on social media to vent their anger. No one is safe when it comes to negative social media comments. Social media gives unsatisfied […]

7 Ways to Come Up with Manufacturing Industry Blog Topics

Every manufacturing website needs quality content to survive the competition in the digital world. One of the most effective ways to create content is through blogging. You will have to come up with effective and engaging blog topics. According to statistics, businesses featuring blogs as a key part of their websites have 434% better chance […]