Heat Map / Usability Reports

What is an SEO Heat Map?

Heatmaps are data visualization tools designed to help website owners understand how well a specific page is performing. The idea is to make it easy for users to visualize complex data sets by representing values with color. Heat maps can also help improve website structures, links, and optimize images.

Why is it important?

Heat Maps are an essential tool for helping marketers understand how users interact with a website. Heat maps can help improve links, websites structures, optimize image  

Types of Heat Maps include:

  • Hover Maps: Show the location of the mouse during the time a user was on a specific page
  • Click Maps: Show where users click on a page
  • Attention Maps: Show the length of time spent on a page
  • Scroll Maps: Show how far people scroll down on a page

By using a Heat Map, it can help optimize and design your website and also understand user flows.