Keyword Research & Strategy

What is Keyword Research?

A Keyword is a word or phrase that is typed into search engines, and is also the foundation of search engine optimization (SEO). Keyword research helps find and analyze those terms with the goal of using that data for marketing or SEO, and repeating it is necessary for staying up to date.

Why is it important?

Keyword research can help answer questions about:

  • What will people be searching for
  • How many are searching for it
  • What format do they want that information in

By knowing the answers to these questions, you’ll know how to avoid creating content that nobody is searching for. To sum it up, it makes it easier for people to find your business’ website, bringing in more traffic.

Finding Keyword Ideas

When delving into the keyword research process, you need to come up with a list full of ‘seed keywords’. These terms define your product or service you’re offering, and so coming up with them is simple: think about what’s relevant, whether it’s something competitors are using, the time of the year, or the targeted region. Always think about the target audience: what are they most likely going to search for?

Sometimes your strategy can go the opposite way: what are your competitors not using? Long-tail keywords are more specific keywords that are less likely to be used. If used strategically, these can work in your favor.