Citation Strategy

What is a Citation?

A Citation is the mention of your business’ name, address, and number (NAP) across the web on websites like a business directories, apps, or social platforms. 

Why is it important?

Citations help search engines to verify that your business exists. Search engines use the citations to verify the accuracy of the contact details. If your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) is listed in many credible sources, it signals to Google that your business is legit. This helps to create authority, establish trust, and improves your ranking on the local search results.

How do we help?

Our citation strategy consists of:

  • Citation Analysis
    • Citation Report
    • Competitor's Citations
  • Citation Recommendations
    • Fix Consistency or Name, Address, and Phone (NAP)
    • Add 10 Citations per month

Missing or incorrect Citations negatively impacts your ranking in search results. Let us show you the key citations to get your business ranking higher!