The Question Isn’t If You Will Use LinkedIn But How Well

Are You Making the Most of LinkedIn and the Power of Connection?

The Process Hasn’t Changed, But the Tools Have

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – John F. Kennedy

We’ve talked before about the importance of recruiting and how you can leverage your website to find your ideal employee. Now we’ll take a look at why you should be using LinkedIn and the power of connection.

If You Build It, They Will Come | How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is not just another form of social media, it is a safe, professional way to give forward, share and participate in the transfer of knowledge.

Kari Mirabal, founder of JuMar Services, urges every manufacturer to maintain a LinkedIn profile. Why? According to Kari, LinkedIn is not just another form of social media, it is a safe, professional way to give forward, share and participate in the transfer of knowledge. It is a platform in which to find and interact with potential employees and search for those individuals who might fit your company dynamic. Are you looking for ways to connect with your staff and nurture a positive work culture? LinkedIn gives manufacturers the opportunity to engage, share with and get to know the people who work for them. However, having a successful, living, breathing LinkedIn profile does not come without making an effort. Mirabal suggests ten LinkedIn Profile Must Have’s:

  • Professional profile photo
  • Background photo – adds interest to your site
  • Engaging headline – include more than just your title
  • Keep contact information updated
  • Create an inviting summary
  • 3 professional recommendations
  • Customize your profile URL (ex:
  • Under experience – use keywords to describe your roles and responsibilities
  • Add interests to your profile – What do you enjoy outside of work?
  • Continue to grow your connections – Be adventurous, curious, flexible, and look for ways you can help others find what they need as well as looking for people who can help you!

Kari Mirabal knows keeping LinkedIn profiles current and engaging takes time. Therefore, she suggests users devote a few minutes to LinkedIn every day. The result will be a living, breathing profile with the potential to attract exactly who you’re looking for. Get in touch with JuMar Services today or check out their blog to learn more!

Is Your Company Ready to Utilize its Resources in the Digital Age?

JuMar Services exists to lead their clients to people, opportunities and profit through the power of connection. They are available for speaking engagements, LinkedIn coaching and executive career coaching. Whether you have owned your own company for years or are just getting started, JuMar is prepared to meet you where you are and challenge you to take advantage of all of the networking resources you have at your fingertips.  [responsive_vid]


SOURCE: Kari Mirabal, Founder of JuMar Services

For over a decade, Kari Mirabal, founder and lead “Sherpa” for JuMar, an executive career coaching and out-placement consultancy, has been guiding clients to new heights in realizing their career passion by navigating unconventional paths through the unpublished job market. Kari doesn’t just “lead the way”, she empowers her clients through customized coaching and skill development designed to create opportunities missed by most.

Kari founded JuMar’s unique service offering after realizing that her career success in IT Recruiting, Executive Outplacement and Corporate LinkedIn training offered motivated individuals an unconventional approach for realizing their potential…and more. Writing resumes that beg to be read, preparing for interviews that are guaranteed to leave an impression, engaging in savvy compensation negotiation, and unlocking the secrets to maximizing professional social networks like LinkedIn are just a few of the tools that Kari uses to equip her clients for their career journey.

Kari turned her own PASSION into her CAREER after her husband was laid off from an IT company. It was a scary time when options for coaching were limited to mostly self directed processes. Through this experience, people affected by corporate downsizing prefer to partner with a career coach who offers support, answers career questions, customizes a plan that works for each professional and provides accountability (and an occasional “feet to the fire” motivation) as needed. It was through this experience, coupled with 12 years of IT Recruiting company ownership experience that Kari’s passion became her new guiding light, JuMar was born.

On a personal note, originally from Denver, CO where she met and married her husband who is also a self professed IT GEEK, she now calls Tulsa, Oklahoma “home”. She has two amazing children who inspire her integrity, faith, and an unwavering belief that career dreams can come true if you apply the SKILLS needed with the WILL to succeed. Kari also serves on the Board of Directors for the Tulsa Chapter of Dress for Success. Her volunteer work includes teaching various career transition classes to help educate the women of Oklahoma to become self sufficient professionals. Contact JuMar Services for more information. Where will your CAREER CLIMB take you?

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