Website Management Services

We Keep Your Website Strong & Secure

for Continued Growth and Peace of Mind

Website Management Services

We Keep Your Website Strong & Secure

for Continued Growth and Peace of Mind

Protecting your website is Protecting your business

We like to think of website hosting and maintenance as website insurance. Let us worry about your website’s performance while you’re handling the business it brings in. 

We Keep Your Website Strong & Secure


For a website to be accessed through the internet, it must be hosted on a server following its launch.

There are an infinite number of hosting services available—many of them being very inexpensive. However, these "big box" hosting sites such as godaddy host hundreds of sites on one server which can often cause a website to perform slowly or even go down.

If a website is the face of your manufacturing company, then you simply cannot afford for it to not run smoothly day-to-day.

website management services

24/7 Uptime Monitoring 

Hack-Free Guarantee 

Daily Site Backups

Broken Link Checker (SEO Saver)


We like to think of hosting and maintenance as website insurance. It may not seem critical while a website performs as it should, but if a website is hacked or goes down for any other reason, being subscribed to a hosting and maintenance plan can be a lifesaver—one that cleans up the site and gets it running again.

At Driven Digital we offer a variety of excellent managed website hosting and maintenance options for your company’s single-site or multi-site.

No matter your company's budget, we have a plan for you that will give you peace of mind and ensure your website stays secure and online.

Want to learn more? Check out the hosting and maintenance options we have available or contact us if you would like to discuss which maintenance package is right for your manufacturing website.

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