The Reviews Are In Making Social Media Negative Reviews Work

The world of manufacturing has gone digital, and now manufacturers in Oklahoma and around the globe have embraced social media as a way to market their companies. Though this has proven to be an effective way of advertising, companies have found that it is not long before their Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn pages are plagued by the dreaded negative review. How frustrating! So is there really no such thing as bad publicity?

According to Seek Social Media, even the best of businesses receive online complaints at one time or another. Why? With the social media explosion, has come the customer expectation to be able to launch negative feelings, whether grounded or not, into the worldwide web to reach some kind of resolution.

Once a review from an unsatisfied individual has been posted, the challenge lies in the manufacturing company’s ability to make lemons into lemonade. Shami Kabani, author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing says, “Even if you do get negative feedback, you can turn it into a positive by engaging in a constructive way and showing that you’re a genuine business”.  Read on to see what the experts say about how you can turn your bad review into a positive one.

Check it Out

According to Brian Carter, CEO of The Carter Group, there are many reasons why someone might leave a negative review including being a spammer, simply having a bad day or actually having a legitimate complaint about a product or company. Carter suggests company representatives take a moment to weigh the nature of a negative review to discover if it is a valid complaint before making a plan of action.

Listen Up

Though it is true, you cannot please everyone all the time, Carter says that there is value in listening to legitimate complaints. They may point areas within a business that is worth evaluating. According to Marla Tabaka, individuals who leave negative reviews are coming to vent, share their story and express their frustrations in order to be heard and to connect with a real person.

Therefore, she suggests that manufacturing companies take the time to actively listen, to respond to the viewer as if they are a valued customer no matter how angry the reviewer may appear. “When you listen, really listen, you’ll learn that the majority of complainers make great long-term customers”, says Tabaka.

The Customer is Always Right

According to Forbes, receiving a negative review or comment on your social media page is, in fact, an opportunity to highlight the great things that set your manufacturing company apart. “Never be defensive, even if a customer is clearly incorrect”, says Kabani. “Online, the customer is always right”. Kabani suggests that after acknowledging and apologizing for the reviewer’s unfortunate experience, the company representative proceeds to draw attention to the good things happening within their business allowing you to share the story of your company while actively listening to the reviewer.

Apology Accepted

Copywriter Andrew Pressault warns companies of non-apology advising them to remain sincere, courteous and interested in turning a negative experience into something good.

The Reviews Are In

Don’t let one negative review get you down! Instead, take time to listen to the reviewer, answer to the reviewer and resolve the issue at hand. When potential customers visit your social media pages in the future, they will then see that you not only listen but truly care about what customers have to say.

Next, invite past and present customers who enjoyed their customer experience to leave a review on one or more of your social media pages.

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