5 Ways Social Media is Changing the Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing is a more traditional industry that is now slowly transitioning to digital marketing. Social media is the best place to start for industrial companies who want to keep their customers and reach more audience.

This 2018, the number of social media users have reached 3.196 billion, a 13% increase from 2017. 95% of these online adults aged 18-34 are following a brand through social media.

Social media is quickly becoming the most effective platform to enhance customer service and engagement.

Here are 5 ways social media is changing the game for the manufacturing industry.

1. Brand Awareness

Arguably the best feature of social media, brand awareness is the key to success in the digital world. Through effective social media strategy and the right content, you can introduce your products or services to a vast audience.

You can also directly reach potential customers through audience targeting. Once you establish the demographics – age, gender, and/or location of your audience it will be easier to run targeted ads to better reach qualified customers. Other social media channels can also segment social media users by their interests, behaviors, job title, company, industry and more.

2. Website Traffic

Your social media posts can also encourage your audience to visit your website and learn more about the products or services you offer.

Using effective calls-to-action (CTAs) in your social media posts is the easiest way to direct your followers to your website. You can encourage them to contact your business, sign up for promos, visit a product page, subscribe to your blog or newsletters and more.

Redirecting users to your website increases your inbound traffic. The more leads your website gains, the more chances for conversions and sales.

3. Brand Authority

Social media is an outstanding platform to show off your capabilities and establish brand authority.

Any industry is prone to competition. Raising brand authority and industry credibility is one way to rise above the competition. You can increase your credibility and reliability by posting original content, answering questions and replying to your customers.

4. Customer Loyalty

Social media is not just for introducing your brand, it is also a platform where you can engage with your customers. Social media is an essential tool to establish good customer relationships.

1 in every 3 social media users opts for social media support over traditional channels like phone and email, making it the top choice for customer care channel. About 67% of consumers now use social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to seek resolutions for customer service issues.

Satisfied customers are most likely to recommend your products or services to their friends and family. You can expect more referrals once you develop a loyal customer base.

5. Marketplace Insights

There’s no better and easier place to gain insights about your customers but social media. Your company can gain actionable insights by interacting with different social media channels.

You can collect important customer information such as the type of content they like best, their opinion or review of your brand and their overall social media behavior. Use this information to improve your digital strategy to your audience interest.

It is also the best place to keep updated on latest industry trends and news. You can use social media as a research tool to see how your brand is doing compared to your competitors, giving you a possible head start.

Social media is an effective tool to succeed in the digital marketing world. But, you need to have an equally effective social media strategy.

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