A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words | Capturing Quality Images

An Increasing Problem | How to Capture Quality Images For Your Manufacturing Website

After working closely with manufacturers, we have come to realize that one of the major problems with manufacturing websites is their lack of quality images. Whether a website lacks photos or has photos that lack resolution, not having good images on your website could make your manufacturing business appear unprofessional and discourage viewers from connecting with your services or products.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. It is no surprise that the camera we often have with us is attached to our cell phones, but is a camera on a phone good enough to capture quality images for websites? The answer might surprise you.

A Simple Solution | How to Capture Quality Images for Your Manufacturing Website

Manufacturing Website Images

Today, phone cameras are able to capture quality images for your manufacturing website.

We live in an amazing age of ever evolving technology. For the first time ever, phone cameras are capable of capturing high quality, high resolution photos as well as if not better than many cameras of the past. This increase in phone camera capability has made way for a new kind of photography– phonography, and it is being exercised and practiced by professionals daily. If your business’ manufacturing website is in dire need of images, phonography is a great alternative for obtaining great images, fast.

In his article, “Take better smartphone photos with these 15 tips“, Marc Saltzman suggests camera phone users practice the following to achieve better looking images:

      • LESS IS MORE. Whether you are capturing a small part or a large piece of machinery, placing your subject in front of a plain background will allow viewers to focus on the subject without being distracted by other things.
      • WORK THE ANGLE. When capturing an object, try to take its picture from eye level. Matching the height of the photo’s subject makes for better images.
      • STEADY AS SHE GOES. Try to hold your phone as still as possible to achieve a photo that is sharp instead of blurry. This can be made easier by holding the phone with both hands and pulling your arms into your stomach or chest for stabilization.
      • FLASHBACK. Using the flash on your phone is not always in your best interest. Oftentimes it can make everything appear dark with the exception of a limited area. Remember, natural light is best.
      • NO ROOM FOR ZOOM. Move closer to the object being photographed instead of relying on the zoom feature. Digital zooms can often make your photos look more pixelated or blurry.
      • LOOK LEFT AND RIGHT. The subject of your photo doesn’t always have to appear in the middle. Placing them toward the left or right of your image can automatically add interest to your image.

When In Doubt, Phone Out

When deadlines or budget won’t allow for professional photography for your manufacturing website, capturing quality photos with your phone can be a good alternative to combating an image-less website. Don’t send the wrong message to your viewers. Engage them with visuals that represent the quality and pride your company represents.



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