QR Code Generator | Measuring the Impact of Print Advertising

QR Code Generator | A Resource On the Rise

Google AdWords is to your business’ digital marketing plan what QR codes are to your company’s print advertising — a way to first engage potential leads then track the impact of your ads.

As we discussed in last week’s blog post, “Code QR! | An Effective Way to Market Your Manufacturing Business” the QR code era is here, and businesses worldwide are taking advantage of this versatile tool that not only generates interest but saves money on ad space.

Tim Donnelly likened QR code scanning to a game that many consumers are playing with their smartphones.

However, what was not mentioned was the reality that QR codes not only engage and lead visitors to the desired web page, but they have the potential to help manufacturers track the impact of brochures, new products, manuals, and even business cards!

QR Code Generator | How to Measure the Impact of Your Print Media

Are your resources engaging potential and existing customers? Finding out is easy and free. Here’s how:

  • 1) After logging in to your Google account, go to the Google URL Shortener / Free QR Code Generator.
  • 2) Paste a URL into the appropriate field and click, “Shorten URL”. The URL will be what visitors are redirected to when they scan your QR code. You will see that your URL was documented below. Google will save a list of your generated codes here, so you will be able to track multiple QR codes and URLs.
  • 4) To retrieve the QR code that is now linked to your chosen URL, click “details”. You are now free to “right-click” and save your QR code as an image to place on any brochure, product package, or business card you desire! Note: Saving the image as a png saves a version of the code without a background. This will make the code appear cleaner.
  • 5) When you are curious to see if the QR code you shared has generated any scans or leads, visit the Google URL Shortener / Free QR Code Generator again, click “details” next to the QR code you wish to review, then view your Google generated report that will tell you who scanned, when they scanned, what they scanned, where they scanned from, what browser they viewed your URL in and which device they used to scan your code.

Are your resources making an impact? Now you’ll know!

If you do not have a Google account, we encourage you to sign up for one if you are a manufacturer who would like to give QR codes a try. If not, there are many QR code generators available on the web, however, not all are trusted or give users the option to save and view the impact of their codes. If you choose to use a generator other than the one mentioned, please proceed with caution, and test your QR codes before using them to engage others.

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